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IGA LV Motor Control Center


ProductTitle: IGA LV Motor Control Center 
Product Category :Other Power Products
Product Sub Category :LV Motor Control 

  • The product meets internationally acclaimed IEC 60439-1 Standard
  • Personal safety and ease of maintenance
  • Easing mounting of channel bases and interconnection of enclosures
  •  Overload relay can operate on each unit door by insulating push button without opening the door
  •  Isolation of vertical bus comapartment from the compartments is accomplished by a full height barrier which is moulded glass reinforced polyester
  •  The bus system construction has the inherent mechanical strength to withstand fault stresses
  •   Bus braces are moulded from a glass reinforced polyester material with high strength
  •  Modular designs with all units,plus ample horizontal-bush bar space and master terminal board space
  •  Uniform compliment of auxiliary parts in unit
  •  VFD's and soft starters available as Functional Units