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Solar LED Lights


ProductTitle: Solar LED Lights
Product Category :Solar Power Products
Product Sub Category :Solar Lighting System 

  • Solar LED lights(Indoor& outdoor)
  • Ranges  from 1W-100W

Advantages of solar powered LED lights

  • LED lights operate at an efficiency of 90% as compared to incandescent bulbs which operate at 5%
  • They are a great opportunity to reduce your dependence on the state energy grid
  • Substantial reduced energy bills
  • Low on maintenance, they have a lifespan of 50, 000 hours



ProductTitle: CHLORIS LITE
Product Category :Solar Power Products
Product Sub Category :Solar Inverter

Built for high performance against the typically tough Indian grid conditions,CHLORIS LITE Series provides you an economical power solution and gives the benefit of optimal renewable energy, 365 days a year.Advanced DSP control technology and high efficiency MPPT gives you the maximum solar generation and a true sinewave so that even your sensitive appliances can run uninterrupted for a long time.
  • Combined with solar power controller and inverter hybrid function.

  • DSP Controlled Design is used.

  • Pure sine wave output with inbuilt isolation.

  • User friendly display gives status of the system.

  • Intelligent  automatic bypass  & charging ( On utility mode)

  • Surge, over voltage, lightening protection.

  • Overload ,Short circuit, Deep discharge protection

  • MNRE approval (Under Processing)

MPPT Solar charge Controller.


Key Features
◆LCD display MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar charge controller
◆12V/24V/48VDC automatic recognition, Max PV input 100VDC
◆Three Stages charging, fast charge/Constant charge/Floating charging
◆Vented, Sealed, Gel, NiCd battery or customer other battery selectable.
◆User-Defined charge voltage by software
◆LCD+LED Display the input and output parameter of PV and battery
◆with Temperature Compensation
◆RS232 Communication(Optional)



ProductTitle: MARS SERIES
Product Category :Solar Power Products
Product Sub Category :ON-GRID PV

The communicative inverter for optimised energy management.