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Services and Maintenance

IGA-TECH offers 24x7 support services to our clients. We have a network of service centres with a team of resourceful engineers who are able to fix any problems with our products. IGA Power Products are used by many of the leading institutions, public bodies, industrial and commercial companies. We simply have to operate 24x7 to meet their requirements and maintain our position as one of the India's leading Power Protection Service Company.

We're with you for the life of your product. Our consultative approach puts the emphasis on getting to know you and your business as much as the detail of your installation. From commissioning to UPS training and equipment hire, we deliver a menu of value-added services enabling you to get the best out of your UPS. We offer you repair, after sale services, AMC etc Two of the most crucial aspects of UPS are the electrical and battery installations. Get these wrong and you might as well have no UPS at all! At IGA we provide installations that are accurate, industry- standard and unbeatable.

If it is an on-going maintenance or project management you need, IGA provides a number of options, plus a bespoke solution, that will get the job done and keep you protected – without interruption! We also provide a range of monitoring and diagnostic software and services that ensure problems are solved before they become issues as well as the smooth running of your system. Our on-site service confirms the integrity of your installation

Maintenance Plans

Uninterruptible power supplies and standby power systems have consumable parts that will age with use. At some during the period of its life a power protection device will alarm due to a service issue - the batteries may need replacing, the fans may have failed or the system developed a PCB fault. The more you rely on your power system the more you need it maintained.

A UPS maintenance plan provides a guaranteed time response rather than best endeavors. Maintenance plan customers have priority call on service resources.

TECH provides two types of maintenance plan:

• Comprehensive - 8 working hour response(Include Consumable parts)
• Non-Comprehensive - 12 working hour response(excluding consumables)

Maintenance plans can be taken out for in-warranty and outside warranty systems, and for both IGA UPS and third party products. There are many features to each maintenance plan. These are summarised below as

Technical support hotline - working day and 24-7

• Emergency call out response
• Free on-site repair or swap-out
• Free parts (excluding consumables)
• Site crash kits
• HealthCheck - annual preventative maintenance visit
• Battery testing
• Load bank testing

During a maintenance visit the entire battery set will be put through a five stage process to ensure optimum performance during a power failure. The five stage Battery Care process includes:

1. Visual: check for a variety of conditions dependent on battery type:
• VRLA batteries - check for distortion caused by plate/pole growth, leakage or corrosion.
• Flooded cells - check for plate colour, sediment level, electrolyte level, leakage and corrosion.
• NiCads - check for leakage and corrosion.
2. Measurements: take DC float voltage measurements - string and individual cells.
3. Mechanical: clean all batteries, confirm the minimum torque on all connections, top up electrolytes where possible (not sealed lead acid batteries).
4. Electrical Tests: impedance test individual battery cells and strings, and load test the battery if necessary.
5. Environment Checks: check the suitability of the local environment in terms of ambient temperature and any noticeable humidity and other environmental matters. Finally a site report is issued with recommendations for future system monitoring or battery replacement.