We are committed to manufacture, or source and supply a variety of power control and support electronic systems of current technology and provide prompt service to customers as per commitments of warranty or as per commitments of post warranty services undertaken from time to time. We also commit to progressively develop our manufacturing capabilities to introduce more products of in-house manufacture and to develop our design capabilities in stages from sub-system innovations to customer specific design and manufacture as we grow.We will always lay emphasis on quality of products and quality of service by complying with the requirements of the quality management system adopted by us, and continually improve the effectiveness of the system while striving to maximize

  • Minimum down time and quick service
  • Servicing by Trained personnel
  • Better handling of systems
  • Service stand by provision
  • Spares stock assurance
  • Better technical support
  • Preventive maintenance commitments
  • Undertaking AMC of UPS Systems

All service calls received from customers are booked in the service call register and an identity no. is allotted for each service call. Name of the technician to attend this work is decided by Service In charge / Service coordinator. After the completion of each call, the service engineer has to report to the service coordinator or in charge and the status is entered in the service call register. The corresponding service reports received from customer site are filed and maintained in the service department.

Call Response Time

The Service coordinator/ in-charge will contact the customer as per the service call register and after fixing the time will assign the job to each service engineer The service complaint will be closed at local sites within 2 hours of registration and within 48 hours of registration at outstation sites. If there is any inconvenience at customer site, the same will be reported to the service coordinator/in-charge by the concerned service engineer. If the service engineer is not in a position to service the equipment at customer site, the products is either taken to /send to the office for in house servicing. For this activity a separate equipment register and billing procedure maintained. A service report for the completion of the above procedure is given to customer and copy is filed at the office.


Customer feedback is sought to know the customer perception about the company's products and services and the extent of satisfaction as expressed by them. This activity is accomplished twice in a year. The company's customer list includes Dealers and Institutions apart from Individuals who either buy through Dealers or directly from the company. Feedbacks from the different categories of customers are sought in a structured questionnaire, which is made in a composite form to bring out varying expectations of the categories of customers. The initial version of the customer feedback form may be varied from time to time; taking a cue from the experience gained each time, to understand the customer's opinions and suggestions more clearly.