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Prouduct List




ProductTitle: IGA APFC
Product Category :Other Power Products
Product Sub Category :APFC Panel

Non power factor corrected non linear loads disturbs power quality of utility supply. Due to this PF  will go too low and electricity board  impose  penalty charge along with  electricity bill .Improvement of  power factor with  IGA APFC Panel  saves cost and ensure return of  investments.

  • Automatic multistep power factor control.
  • Microprocessor based controller with four quadrant measurement.
  • Self adaptable with short reaction time for extremely   fluctuating power levels.
  • Manufactured with reliable, long lasting components suitable for any rugged load conditions.
  • Surge suppression and harmonic  trapping inductors (optional)
  • Door mounted intuitive, programmable user interface.
  • Wide range available 20 kvar- 1000 kvar;
  • Intelligent control.
  • Thyristor / Contactor  switching models ( optional)

IGA LV Motor Control Center


ProductTitle: IGA LV Motor Control Center 
Product Category :Other Power Products
Product Sub Category :LV Motor Control 

  • The product meets internationally acclaimed IEC 60439-1 Standard
  • Personal safety and ease of maintenance
  • Easing mounting of channel bases and interconnection of enclosures
  •  Overload relay can operate on each unit door by insulating push button without opening the door
  •  Isolation of vertical bus comapartment from the compartments is accomplished by a full height barrier which is moulded glass reinforced polyester
  •  The bus system construction has the inherent mechanical strength to withstand fault stresses
  •   Bus braces are moulded from a glass reinforced polyester material with high strength
  •  Modular designs with all units,plus ample horizontal-bush bar space and master terminal board space
  •  Uniform compliment of auxiliary parts in unit
  •  VFD's and soft starters available as Functional Units

NetAgent 9


ProductTitle: NetAgent 9
Product Category :Other Products
Product Sub Category :SNMP

NetAgent9 is the latest series of SNMP cards ,  Forged with a more powerful CPU and kernel allows this model to do more


  • Comprehensive UPS management with flexible configuration via Web Browser, NMS, Telnet or SNMP.

  • Support advance encryption: HTTPS, SSL

  • Centralized authentication by Radius

  • Event notification via E-mail, SMS or Trap

  • NetAgent9 also supports IPv6, SNMPv2 and the latest security protocols such as SSH, and SNMPv3