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Prouduct List


Aristos Series


Product Category : UPS Systems
Product Sub Category :Online UPS(1:1/3:1) 

IGA True online series UPS provides reliable protection for all high end and rugged load condition and equipped to manage all power disturbances.


  • Built in isolation Transformer.
  • Wide input voltage range minimizing battery wastage and enhancing battery utilization and life.
  • Double conversion online.
  • Micro controller based reliable design using IGBT.
  • In built Manual & static (option) bypass facility.
  • Heavy duty charger for long backup.
  • Multiple protection features to ensure load safety.
  • DC- Start Function
  • EMI, RFI, Surge & Short circuit protection.
  • Rating ranges 

                          1KVA - 10KVA ----- 1PH In: 1PH Out

                          3KVA - 30KVA ----- 3PH In: 1PH Out

  • Pure sine wave output with <2% THD for linear and <5% for non linear load.
  • Intelligent overload protection.

Saturn series


ProductTitle: Saturn series
Product Category : UPS Systems
Product Sub Category :Online UPS(1:1/3:1) 

Saturn Series Online HF UPS 1-6 kva is fully of advanced DSP. It has high adaptability, performance, compact design and less batteries to reduce your space and installation cost.


  •  High Frequency and double conversion
  •  Fully digitized control
  •  Output power factor: 0.8
  •  Wide input range
  •  DC Voltage flexible
  •  Environment protection
  •  Smart RS232(SNMP card optional)
  •  Cold start
  •  Compact Design
  •  Lightening and Surge protection 1050J


Networks, data centers, servers and workstations, control systems, communication systems, offices etc

Rack Mount UPS


● High frequency on-line double conversion technology

● DSP (Digital signal processors) control technology

● Active power factor correction (APFC), input power factor up to 0.99

● Output power factor 0.9

● Wide input voltage range (110V ~ 300Vac) and frequency range (40 ~ 70Hz)

● Auto sensing frequency

● 50/60Hz frequency conversion

● Cold start

● Rear ventilation design and variable speed fan

● Effective software and hardware protection

● Quick and stable charging, 90% capacity restored in 3 h (standard model UPS)

● Linear derating in low voltage input reducing battery discharging times

● Settable delayed start when power is restored

● Advanced battery management (ABM)

● Multiple functions settable via LCD: output voltage, EOD, auto-start, bypass mode, ECO mode and frequency conversion mode

● Multi-platform communications: RS232 (standard), USB / RS485 / SNMP / dry contacts (optional)

Smart Series


ProductTitle: Smart Series
Product Category : UPS Systems
Product Sub Category :Line Interactive UPS 

Guaranteed power protection for high performance computer systems, routers/modems, external storage devices and other electronic systems in your home and  offices.


  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Microprocessor based design with true Line-Interactive structure.
  • Adjustable voltage sensitivity, charging voltage, & voltage-transfer points.
  • Remaining Estimated Backup Time indication (EBT system on LCD version).
  • Smart battery management with intelligent double stages of charging control.
  • Real time auto-detection for battery condition.
  • Automatic restart of load after UPS shutdown.
  • Smart AVR function (Two buck / boost modes).
  • Zero Transference.
  • Generator compatible.
  • "Green Power" design with auto on/off function & adjustable level.
  • Hot-swappable batteries (optional for 3K & 4K models).
  • Network manageable (SNMP optional).
  • RS-232 interface for communication, compatible with all major O.S., including Windows, Linux, SCO UNIX, & DOS.
  • Protection for overload, short circuit, & over heat.

NetGuard series


ProductTitle: NetGuard series
Product Category : UPS Systems
Product Sub Category :Line Interactive UPS 

This series UPS is perfect to protect and power certain equipment, such as personal computers, small scale exchange, POS machines ect. It provides comprehensive power protection against surges and spikes, and also provides pure voltage with boost and buck AVR. It power equipment sufficient runtime without any objectionable dip or brownout to that device. And it is the simplicity and low costs. Installation is easy and quick.


  • Wide input AVR 150-270V
  • Cold start facility
  • Extended battery backup time
  • Microprocessor controlled design
  • O/P over load,Battery over drain protected
  • Offline battery charging

IGA PC Guard


ProductTitle: IGA PC Guard
Product Category : UPS Systems
Product Sub Category :Offline UPS 

It’s cute /compact design and quiet operation makes it a partner for business or home application.

  • Intelligent shutdown software

  • Cute ,compact, Reliable design

  • EMI,RFI, Surge ,Short circuit protection

  • Provides clean power

  • Cold start facility

  • Offline battery charging

  • Intelligent battery power management

  • Wide input voltage range



ProductTitle: ORION SERIES
Product Category : UPS Systems
Product Sub Category :3:3 ONLINE UPS 


● Online double-conversion with full DSP control

● IGBT inverter with output isolation transformer

● 100% unbalance load capability

● Output power factor 0.8

● Generator compatible

● Support battery cold start and auto-restart when mains power is restored

● Superior protection

● Intelligent self-diagnosing function, all kinds of failure protection

● Standard emergency power off (EPO)

● Standard RS232,RS485,dry contacts communication port

● Optional SNMP communication port

● Optional N+X redundancy parallel up to 6 units

● Optional input filter to improve input power factor