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IGA offers admirable opportunities for Growth & Development. At IGA, career development is given top priority, as we believe that only through the individual growth of our people organizational growth is reachable. We offer finest opportunities for deserving candidates. We demand candidate with positive attitude towards their specific area and full conviction in their profile. People who are devoted & diligent can visualize their career as being fast and reaching the epitome of success very soon.


After absorbing quality resources, we infuse them into a rigorous training program, which no doubt will make them an effective Professional. Our all-inclusive training programs are structured based on a candidate’s existing knowledge base. Our training programs shape out novice individuals into being some of the best in the industry.

The key benefits of our intensive training programs are:

  • Helps in maintaining international standards of performance for the Power electronics industry.
  • Makes our team accustomed to latest technologies


Our compensation package is at par with the best in the industry, and we strive to ensure that all our employees are well rewarded for the commitment and effort they put in each day. At IGA, employees are evaluated on their performance as well as overall contribution to the organization over the past year, using an annual appraisal system. Our open work culture ensures that all information about the company is shared with its workforce. Employees are always encouraged to ask questions on any area that they require clarifications on.

Our pay-scale is simple and performance-based, where quality, competence and loyalty are considered to ensure that those team members, whose contribution and tenure at the company has been a key to the success of our business, are recognized and duly rewarded.
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