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Ensure unwavering power protection for your high-performance computer systems, routers/modems, external storage devices, and other electronic systems in both home and office settings with Line Interactive (LI) UPS systems. Employing automatic voltage regulation (AVR), these systems adeptly correct abnormal voltages without the need to switch to battery power. Remarkably swift, LI UPS systems typically transition from line power to battery-derived power within a mere 2 to 4 milliseconds, ensuring uninterrupted operation of all power-sensitive equipment.

A cost-effective alternative to online double conversion technology, Line Interactive UPS systems kick into action only when the mains power fails or experiences significant fluctuations beyond the input voltage window defined by the built-in Automatic Voltage Stabilizer. The inclusion of an EMI filter adds an extra layer of protection, reducing spikes and electrical noise when mains power is present. What sets the Line Interactive UPS apart is its ability to provide a clean and regulated output voltage. As long as the mains supply stays within a specified input window, the UPS stabilizes the output voltage within a specific tolerance or window, employing Automatic Voltage Regulation techniques for optimal power management and equipment safety.

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