Battery Charger

IGATECH presents its Float-Boost battery chargers, specifically engineered for the efficient charging of large battery banks while simultaneously supplying DC output to the connected load. In this configuration, the battery charger, working in tandem with a floating battery, ensures an uninterrupted and reliable DC power supply to critical loads. The Float-Cum-Boost Battery Charger (FCBC) by IGATECH is designed to seamlessly feed the critical load without any interruptions, all the while rejuvenating discharged batteries.

IGATECH’s battery charger stands out for its superior design, reliability, and extended lifespan, coupled with outstanding performance. Key features include breaker protection for both input and output, a Float Cum Boost dual charger operating in parallel, and an industrial-grade battery charger. With onboard settings for current and voltage, analog/digital panel metering, and status LEDs on the front panel, this battery charger offers user-friendly and intuitive operation. Additionally, visible and audible alarms, along with optional external alarm contacts for all alarms, ensure comprehensive monitoring. The device also incorporates overcurrent and overvoltage protection, and for specific applications, optional marine-grade ingress protection is available. Choose IGATECH for a battery charger that combines cutting-edge features with robust reliability, providing a dependable power solution for critical applications.

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