Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers (SCVS) employ an advanced electronic servo-motor concept, utilizing a motorized variable transformer for precise voltage control. Despite a slight delay in voltage correction due to motorization, these stabilizers ensure an impressive output voltage accuracy of approximately +1%, even with input voltage changes of up to +50%. Notably resilient, SCVS machines remain unaffected by power factor or frequency variations. Particularly effective in large three-phase applications, they maintain accuracy across all three phases, both line to line and line to neutral, regardless of input voltage and load balance at any power factor.

Designed with microcontroller technology, a servo-controlled voltage stabilizer automatically sustains a constant voltage level, crucial in industries where minor voltage fluctuations can lead to equipment malfunction or breakdown. This system acts as a safeguard against drastic changes in input power supply voltage, providing a stable Alternate Current (AC) output voltage and protecting valuable equipment from the adverse effects of high and low voltage issues. The ability to withstand large inrush currents, commonly associated with inductive loads, further solidifies the reliability and effectiveness of servo-controlled voltage stabilizers in ensuring uninterrupted and stable power supply for critical applications.


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